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Emanuele Cisi: I found the new strap REALLY beautiful and 'high class' ;
colors are cute and the light band is fresh and comfortable. DEJACQUES straps are my favorites, since more than 20 years now: they are safe, comfortable, attractive and original. Beyond the fact of being nice pieces, they are an actual part of my setup, and therefore concourses in my final artistic result.

"Music has always been a natural thing to me. Since the very first day I had a saxophone in my hands, I tried to improvise, diggin' sounds and notes, even with no idea of basic rules of theory or harmony. It was just a spontaneous exploration, driven by pure instinct and joy. This is what I still basically try to do, 40 years later. All my inspiration I get from the great masters of saxophone and Jazz music, and the real love and respect for them simply allows to me to go deeper and deeper in my exploration. Everyday I feel so lucky to have been chosen by Music!"


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